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ge shen plastic capabilities engineering service

Design for manufacturability (“DFM”) specialist

Achieving smooth mass production requires early consideration of the manufacturing processes involved. You can draw on our years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing through DFM where we will work with you to optimise your designs for the manufacturing process, recommending the best techniques to achieve the desired outcome and bring your product to market.

We know that intellectual property is the lifeblood of your business and we have strict non-disclosure policies. You won’t have to worry about copies flooding the market.

We have a strong engineering team capable of helping you find a technical solution to mould your parts. Minimising cycle time and maintenance.


Tool Making

ge shen plastic capabilities tool makingWe have extensive mould making facilities and the skills to create quality tools. As a mould is the most important step to trouble free production we use advanced techniques and machines to ensure that your mould is manufactured to the highest standards.

We carry out refurbishments and modifications on existing tools in addition to the routine maintenance of customer tools. All tools are expertly handled by experienced members of our team.


Plastic Moulding

ge shen plastic capabilities injection mouldingAs your one stop solution, Ge-Shen Plastic supports an ever increasing variety of plastic moulding techniques and part sizes. Our large range of machines span from 50 to 850 tonnes of clamping force and is backed up by an experienced and skilled team to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.

Our plastic moulding floor is supported by both the tool making department and the engineering department to ensure that the production process goes smoothly.

We can support injection moulders and contract manufacturers who would like to sub contract their moulding. Our engineering team is experienced in transferring production.

We have experience with many moulding techniques including:

  • ge shen plastic capabilities injection mouldThermal cycling moulding – Rapid heating and cooling of the mould during the moulding process greatly improving the surface quality of the final part. This is especially useful for high gloss & mirror part finishes
  • Coated tools (nickel, chrome, etc) – Different coatings can alter the characteristics of the mould, from increasing flow rate to improving the longevity of the tool
  • Complex multi stage hydraulic locking core pull moulds – Working with core pull moulds allows us to mould complex undercuts though controlling the exact sequence and timing of core pulls and slides
  • Over moulding – This allows us to bond parts together in a seamless process increasing the aesthetic result and minimising gluing
  • High speed moulding – where low cycle time is of the utmost importance, we work with high speed injection machines and specialised moulds to deliver the required cycle time
  • High precision moulding – High precision parts with low tolerances can be achieved by our experienced team

If you have other process requirements, please get in contact with a member of our team to discuss them.


Secondary Processes

ge shen plastic capabilities secondary processesOur extensive facilities allow for all manner of secondary processes to be carried out. Get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help you realise your design. The secondary processes that we regularly carry out for our customers includes:

  • Screen printing – We can print lettering or graphics on plastic parts as part of our process.
  • Pad printing (tampography) – This process allows us to print a 2D image on difficult 3D parts such as curves, cylinders, spheres, concave, convex etc.
  • Spray painting – Spray painting allows us to refine the finish, create a different finish or colour on the plastic part. We have state of the art ABB robotic sprayers, spindle systems in addition to skilled manual spraying. In addition to conventional spray painting, can utilising
    • 2 component spray painting requires a hardener, catalyst or activator, increasing the complexity. However once fully cured it is much less susceptible to damage and for extra aesthetic and durability requirements
    • Conductive spray painting to create a shielding against electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge interference. It can also be used to create simple circuits on plastic parts
  • Foil printing (mirror, hot roll and hot stamping)
    • Foil printing allows economical transfer of graphics to a plastic part.
  • Assembly – whole box set assembly or partial assembly is an option we provide to customers.
  • Induction bonding – we can bond metal to plastic using very localised induction heating, simplifying assembly.
  • Ultrasonic welding – ultrasonic welding creates a solid state weld through high frequency acoustic vibrations. This results in no solder, adhesives or devices to bind materials together. This process can be used on a wide variety of part sizes and provides a very strong bond.
  • Heat staking – Through localised heating we can rivet parts together by melting plastic bosses or insert metal threads into plastic bosses
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